Friday, November 18, 2011

Auction Painting of Tomatoes

I donated this 6x8 painting for the Northford Women's Club Dutch Auction. We do the auction every year, and I've been donating a small painting the last few years. The auction did very well. We had some nice hand made items as well as nice beautiful baskets. The proceeds go to the club's operating expenses. The winner was Carmel, our 85-year-old gem of a volunteer who always has nothing but good things to say about everyone. She is always so generous with her time as a volunteer and is incredibly active for a woman her age. She is thrilled with the painting and plans to give it to her son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.


claire christinel said...

Very nice tomato painting. You nailed the values and captured that wet translucent inside of the sliced tomato. Artists are always so open to giving and donating. Glad it was a success!

Sadeu said...

Patty...some tomatoes very well painted, feel the taste ; )

Patty Meglio said...

Thanks Claire and Sadeu. Tomatoes are fun to paint.