Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maine Coastline

This is a painting that I did on a trip to Maine last year from high above Camden Harbor. It was so scenic, but very difficult to do a painting from above and from a long distance. I started it there, but put it away until recently. I now have more information on how to adjust color and tone for distances, so the resulting painting is much better.

I went up to Maine with a couple of other friends to visit a friend who was staying at her husband's sister's house there while they were away. It was so pretty there. I especially loved Camden for its charm.
Oil on Canvas over panel, 9"x11", $300.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Charles Island

Silver Sands Beach in Milford has a nice boardwalk with marshes filled with wildlife and a nice strip of beach from which you can see Charles Island. It was named after Charles Dern, a former owner of the island. There is a sandbar that extends out towards the island, making it nearly accessible by land during low tides. This was a crisp fall day and the winds were really kicking up. It was perfect weather for sailing.

"Charles Island" 9x12 $295 Available at Something of Bev's