Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hudson River Day Trip

Above: From West Point looking north.

I went out to Peekskill, NY to visit some friends of mine one day. It was a nice day, but somewhat hazy. The river is surrounded by gorgeous tree covered hills, and the views were spectacular. We toured West Point and had lunch in the inn on the campus. We sat out on the veranda overlooking the river. It was perfect.

Charlie took us up one side of the river and down the other side. We stopped in Cold Springs and walked around the dock and boardwalk. What a great place for a cool drink while looking over the river towards West Point and the marina.

At left: From Cold Springs looking across at West Point to the south.

I'm looking forward to returning this fall to see the town just alittle bit north of here where the Hudson River School painters painted. I hear that it's quite a nice place to visit.

There are tons of painting opportunities all along the river. The docks are interesting and the people hanging out along the river with their dogs and families would make good subjects. Then, there's the railroad and the small shops that line the main streets in the small towns along the rail line.

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