Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Open Doors of Milford

I delivered my door last Saturday. It is nice to have it completed and delivered. The meet and greet party is this Friday evening at the Milford Arts Center. I will find out then which business will get my door for display. I do hope that it is going to be in the main drag area of downtown Milford. The open house night is coming up soon, August 19th. I really enjoy sitting out with the door and talking to passers by. I am going to bring some cards and brochures to give out. I also hope to make a map and hand them out to those who are interested.

I've been working on some street paintings lately. I really love to do street paintings. I get to practice perspective, which is always a good thing. People love trying to guess where the location is. So far, I've done one of Guilford, on the green, and Madison, in the downtown area. I would like to do one in Branford next.

I hope to get out to paint at least one day this weekend. The weather is supposed to be really nice. I just wish that summer would last a little bit longer than it does.


claire christinel said...

Love these images you did on the doors Patty! Is this a fund raiser? It looks like a great event.

Patty Meglio said...

Hi, Claire,


Yes, it is an event where the doors are auctioned off and the money is split between the artist and the charity. This year, it went to an organization against domestic violence. It is a fun event, but this year, it had pretty low bidding.