Thursday, September 30, 2010

Designing a Bag for Support of CT Foodbank/Foodshare

I recently broke down and bought an Intuos professional pen tablet for my computer. I had been thinking about purchasing one for a while now. I've struggled without one when designing some illustrations for a cookbook and for a logo for a flag project. While I'm not an illustrator, I love to design things and have struggled with the mouse for a while now.

I must say that it isn't an easy thing to learn because you can't watch where your pen goes on the pad, but rather you have to watch it on the monitor as you draw. At least that is true of the model that I bought, which is the Intuos4 medium. One thing I struggled with at first was resizing the monitor to fit my tablet size. Once I was able to do this, it went easier.  I think that I will enjoy using the tablet, but it will take some practice. I would like to buy some of the extra pens with brush tips to go with it. It sure makes it easier to draw a design from scratch on the computer. I drew it in Photoshop in black on a transparent background and then converted it to white. The white will show up better on a dark background.

Here's the design and the bag for a promotion for the CT Food Bank through the Northford Women's Club and the North Branford Women's Club.

The bag with design in white.

The bag is an 8"x5" fold up nylon bag that you can easily tuck in your purse or carry bag and whip out when you are in a store. It comes in royal blue and black and goes for only $5, not including shipping. If you are interested, email me at All profits go to supporting the GFWC/CT State Project, which is the CT Food Bank/Foodshare.


Nora Kasten said...

I've used the pen and pad called Bamboo in the past, mostly to have a written signature. I'd like to know more about yours and try it. Hope you don't mind me putting your blog on my blogs list. It's really good.

Susan Roux said...

What a wonderful thing! A fund raiser of shopping bags. Great design. Hope it goes well for the project and also for exposure!

Patty Meglio said...

Thanks, Nora. Glad to have me on your list.

Patty Meglio said...

Thanks, Susan. We have big hopes for this project.