Monday, August 23, 2010

Open Doors of DT Milford Open House Report

The Open Doors of Milford Open House on Friday night was a busy night for artists and shop owners. There were many people who came out to enjoy the perfect summer weather, packing the restaurants and bars, and taking in the tour of the doors. I had the perfect location, a very bustling corner with lots of traffic. I met some nice people, including artists, friends of the shop owner who came by to visit, and many area residents. My door got a lot of attention and admiration. The brownies went quickly, though I got no takers on my paintings. The shop owner, Martha Reed, was fun to work with. She did a lot of business that evening. We both encouraged people to fill out the application for People’s Choice for favorite door.

Now until the week of the auction, people can walk the tour on their own or take a guided tour on Saturdays up until Sept 11th. The doors will be inside the stores. After that, the doors will go to MFAC building. The doors will be auctioned on September 19th. It should be a lot of fun. I’m hoping for a big crowd.

Canvas Patch, where my door is located.

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