Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Smith Library Show

I recently had a show at the Edward Smith Library. It was their first art show ever and my first in my hometown. Now that they have a renovated library, they have space to do all kinds of shows, so it promises to be a nice venue for art. It was a successful show for me. One couple really liked Dirt Road to the Meadow and after some thought, put a deposit down on it. There may also be commission work later from this couple.

Members of The Northford Women's Club also came to show their support. It was a nice crowd. The next day, a member called and she and her husband came over to the house and bought two from the show and two from my stock at home. They also took one home to try out. It's very exciting.

Just yesterday, another member of the club called and wanted to buy the Sunflowers III painting. I'm glad that she decided to do so, since she has wanted it, apparently, for quite a while.
I'm going to go to the library and exchange some new paintings for those that sold. You never know when someone might come in and see something that they like.

I hope to do more shows there, perhaps later in the year. We'll see.

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