Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Bouquet

I received this bouquet as a gift from my cousin, Lisa, who is a premier floral designer. It was so gorgeous, I had to paint it before it withered away. It was fun to use luscious reds and oranges right out of the tube. There was some great reflected light that carried the warm color to the surrounding objects.

This was painted from life in my studio.

"Red Amarillis" Oil on Canvas, 14" x11", sold.


Luisa said...

complimenti per il tuo blog e per i tuoi bellissimi lavori, un saluto dall'italia ciao luisa

José said...


Now, you couldn't have seen all that myriad of colours painting from a photo, could you ? :-)
Good work !

Best regards,


Patty Meglio said...

While I don't speak or read Italian, this seems like a compliment, so, thank you.

Patty Meglio said...

Thanks, Jose. You are correct, painting from life is so much better than using photos.

Thanks for the compliment.